Monday, April 8, 2013

Exploration in Poway

This post is late, but last weekend, my friend, Jenna, and I met up on Friday to do a quick day hike.  This is a continuation of my quest to explore as much of SoCal as possible before I have to move to Kansas in July.  I drove down to San Diego to meet up with her and then we headed out to beautiful Lake Poway to do the Mount Woodson Summit trail.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather and there were tons of people out enjoying SoCal (as always).
Beautiful Lake Poway, where people were out fishing on small boats.

This friendly little guy was nice enough to pose for a picture!

This is a military thing, but anytime a bunch of rocks are piled up, I think there must be an improvised explosive device nearby...guess I paid attention during our training!

This is called the "Potato Chip" rock and it sure makes for an amazing photo op!  This is Jenna standing on top of the world!!

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  1. These pics are great! Please tell me you're using your "real" camera and not an iPhone:)