Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Wonders of Oceanside

I'm super excited that I have Nessie for two weeks and on Sunday I wanted to take her out on an adventure rather than dealing with dog beach and all that comes with that (crazy dogs, long drive, and a bath afterwards).  I did a quick Google search for trails in Oceanside and found a great place to check out - Lake Calavera.  Now technically, the lake and parts of the trails are in Carlsbad, but why split hairs! I packed a little day pack with two bottles of water (one for me and one for Nessie of course) and my camera (I am 50% Asian, so I cannot go anywhere without my camera).  We hopped in the Forester and hit the road.  It was a quick 15 min trip down the 78 to College Blvd and we found our way to one of the trail heads.  The weather was perfect again and Nessie was super excited to just be out of the apartment!  We ventured around the park for about an hour and explored different trails and saw the lake.  About 10 minutes into our walk we had an unfortunate run-in with a rattlesnake!  Thank goodness we heard the rattler, or we would have kept on walking.  We carefully routed a WIDE path around the snake and headed around the lake.  Unfortunately for Nessie, this little sighting meant that I kept her on the leash the entire time.  Normally I let her roam around because she will stay close by and respond to voice commands, but I didn't want her battling any snakes!  We had a great time and it definitely wore Nessie out!

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