Monday, February 24, 2014

Missing my Girls!

It's been less than two full months since I returned from Christmas break and a wonderful visit with Jen, Jason, Weasel, and Savannah (and Tommy...don't want to leave him out). I miss them so much!  Fingers crossed that next year I will be living much closer to them!

Sweetest Weasel in the world!

So happy to finally meet this little beauty!

Let's hope I get to see them a LOT more often!

And the biggest meatball of them all!!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Organization is the Key

For me, being organized is the key to eating well. If I decide to skip my weekly grocery trip, I'm going to suffer the consequences throughout the week. So in an effort to stay on top of things, we headed out on Sunday to do a week's worth of shopping. Another tool I use to help organize myself in the kitchen is eMeals. I signed up for the "Vegetarian for Two" plan right before Christmas, based on the recommendation I got from a friend. It might be one of the top 5 smartest things I've done with regard to staying healthy.

 Every week eMeals sends me 7 dinner recipes and they even include a comprehensive grocery list that is broken down by areas of the grocery store. How easy is that!  I've tried more unique things and enjoyed cooking much more than I ever expected! You can check out a week in meals here.

The other key thing that helps me stay organized about what I fuel my body with is FOOD PREP! On Sunday, I try to make it a habit of doing food prep that will help me throughout the week. This means spending at least an hour or two cleaning and cutting up veggies, stir-frying some stuff and potentially making some hard boiled eggs.

Sticking to the eMeals and my food prep, I make less trips to the vending machine and snack bar!  This not only saves the waist line, but helps out the wallet too!