Monday, March 25, 2013

California Girl

In a quest to get in as much of SoCal as possible before I head to the midwest, I took my friend Matt, who was visiting from Maryland, to Santa Rosa Plateau in Murrieta.  It's about an hour drive down Hwy 76 and I-15, but the trip is gorgeous, so no complaints!  On Saturday morning, Matt and I met up to grab some breakfast at Swami's Cafe - one of my Oceanside favorites - and then jumped in the car to head out for a hike.  I've never been to the Santa Rosa Plateau (in fact, I'd never heard of it), but my friend Leonie told me about it.

It's absolutely gorgeous out there!  There are lots of different trails to explore!  Lots of pictures (fair warning!) so you can see some of what we got to see.  If anyone is in the local area, you need to checkout this place.  Would be a great place for a long run!!!

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