Monday, May 5, 2014

Lazy B Ranch

After a fun evening at the baseball game, we all headed home to get some sleep...because we had another awesome activity planned for Sunday morning! We went to Lazy B Ranch in Leavenworth to ride some horses! Mr. and Mrs. Boylan are the owners of this ranch and they are awesome! Chris, Ava, Jessie, Brian and I arrived around 0945 to ride the horses and then have a barbecue. So very proud of Jessie who was riding for the first time in years after a very bad fall...she was so brave and got right on the horse! She even did some trotting! 
Mr. and Mrs. Boylan prepping the horses for our ride.
Chris the horse whisperer!!!

Look at that majestic face!
Do we all look ready to ride? 
Brian & Hank, Jessie & Red, Ava & Dutch, Chris & Sonny, me & Tucson post ride!

After our trail ride, we enjoyed an awesome lunch - cooking courtesy of Brian.
And one of the best parts of Lazy B Ranch - all these dogs! The dogs actually walk with the horses while we ride them and they are all so cuddly!

If you are stationed in Leavenworth and haven't been out there - make the trip! They do an amazing job of making sure everyone is comfortable on the horses and they have a beautiful property. 

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