Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Girls' Day Out - Part 2

After a lovely morning at City Market, Chris, Ava and I decided we should go get pedicures! A new salon just opened near us, so we went to check it out. It was fabulous and very relaxing. 
Ava and Chris enjoying the massage chairs!

There is something very relaxing about that blue light.

We all opted for the paraffin treatment - it was my first time and it was very weird.

After we finished at the nail salon, we headed to Gladstone, MO to get a spray tan...we purchased these on Groupon, thinking it was a great deal. I got a spray tan over girls' weekend in NC and it was great, so I was excited. Both Chris and Ava were first-timers, so they were pretty nervous. Turns out, they definitely needed to be...

We went to Salon-E-Clips, which seemed like a really nice salon. After filling out some paperwork, I volunteered to go first. I should have headed right out the door when I realized that it wasn't a spray tan machine; it was a woman with a hose/paint contraption! But, I decided it would be fine and I waited in the room for her to show up. 

Another red flag was the towels on the bottom of the spray tanning tent...they were WET...this is what happens to your feet when you stand on the tanning solution for ANY amount of time. Yes, they turn dark brown and look muddy! 

She had me stand in all different positions and finished the spray tan and said that it might appear splotchy, but that it would blend over the 8 hour period...yup, looks like my legs are covered in freckles!

When I got the spray tan in NC, I left the salon and couldn't tell a difference in my skin tone. It really did take a few hours for the tan to show up, so I was expecting something similar. I put a sun sticker on my shoulder blade to see if I could get a "tattoo," and it turned out that it was already showing because the tanning mixture she used was so dark!

This picture is from 5 minutes after the spray tan!!! Ridiculous. Thank goodness for the list of things they tell you NOT to do after you get a spray tan. Turns out that list works really well as a way to get rid of a TERRIBLE spray tan! Chris went after me, despite my awful results...unfortunately hers did not turn out any better. We immediately cancelled Ava's and headed to CVS to purchase some loofahs and body scrub. Luckily the shower fixed the disaster and all was well. 

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  1. Hope you've booked our pre-graduation spray tans!