Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Girls' Day Out - Part I

On Saturday morning, Chris, Ava and I headed down to City Market in Kansas City to get some veggies. We had a wonderful time just walking around and looking at everything they had to offer! They have almost every fruit and veggie you can think of and it all looks so amazing.

Ava and Chris stopped to help a woman hang her sign...they are so sweet!

Amazing tomatoes, rows and rows of spices!

Trying out the delicious treats at the bakery! Poor Ava couldn't eat anything in there, but Chris and I made up for it. I got a delicious chocolate croissant and Chris had a yummy broccoli and cheese quiche.

More veggies!

This man was very talented and nice enough to let me snap his photo!

Beautiful flowers for sale!

Of course I had to ask these lovely ladies to pose for a picture!

City Market hosted a free, outdoor fitness class! What a great idea!

Stopped by a food truck for a delightfully, refreshing limeade.

Delicious smelling potpourri!

Ava even found a super cute dress! 

Absolutely loved going down there with these two fantastic ladies! What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

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  1. That potpourri looks like a fancy dried fruit trail mix. You ate some, didn't you?