Saturday, April 26, 2014

Smithville Lake

The weather finally took a turn for the better and five of us headed up to Smithville Lake on Friday afternoon to take advantage of the sunshine! We immediately set up camp and then played a little frisbee. 
Once everything was set up, the next task was to get a fire going. Dirt had a new toy that would start a fire WITHOUT a lighter or matches, so Brian set up the fire pit and Dirt got to work shaving wood and magnesium - Turns out, it worked!  

 Once the fire was going, it was time to hangout, drink some beers and just relax! 
A break in the frisbee game for a Dirt story...

Time for dinner! Steaks, corn, black beans, and potato packets!

Waiting for the food to be ready.

Apparently everyone enjoyed dinner!!! 

 We had no idea that the LARPers would be back, but we were super excited to walk up the hill to chat with them after dinner. Unfortunately, the battle started long after I went to bed, so I only got a few pictures of the costumes. 

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  1. Once you move to the East coast, we need to meet up one weekend for a camping trip. I miss camping so much.