Thursday, April 24, 2014

Door-to-Door Organics

A few weeks ago, we signed up to receive produce through a local service in Kansas City, Door-to-Door Organics. Once a week we get a delivery of fruits and vegetables that are in season. We just leave a cooler outside on the porch and they drop off a bag of goodness! It's an awesome program and it has introduced me to vegetables and fruits that I would never pick up at the grocery store. Plus, the produce is cheaper than I would find at the store and better!  

Here's a sample of what came this week - artichokes, a cucumber, two zucchinis, red-tipped lettuce, a head of broccoli, an avocado, and white carrots! 

And for fruit, we got two grapefruits, three pears, lemon, a mango and five bananas!

If you have a local community supported agriculture program, I highly recommend checking it out!


  1. We just signed up for "From the Farmer" and got our first delivery yesterday! Love it!

  2. That's awesome! I need to see if they have something like this for our area. We planted our garden this week so hopefully that will produce as well as last year but if not, this would be great for us!