Monday, April 21, 2014

Amazing Family Friends

Most people are blessed to have extended families that surround them with love. My family also has an extended family of friends who have been part of the Ryu family for longer than I have been alive. Friends who have seen my parents through dating, marriage, the birth of their children, family vacations and a major move. Even more importantly, they have been there for me, Jennifer, and Juliette through the deaths of both of our parents - always providing support and open arms. We are truly blessed to have the Lavelle family in our lives!

They were kind enough to invite me up to for Easter weekend and I was thrilled to head up to Iowa City! I haven't been back there since November 2011. We had such a wonderful time and it was wonderful to see not only Uncle Bill and Aunt Loretta, but also Megan and Colleen!

These ladies are amazing! 

My friend, Christina, and I departed Missouri on Friday morning and headed up to Iowa City. After a lot of catching up and a wonderful dinner, we drove to Coralville to visit some other family friends who have also been wonderful to us all these years. It was great to see Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim!  

Saturday morning, Colleen convinced me to run 9 miles with her! It was a gorgeous day and Christina and Aunt Loretta also went for a walk. After a nice lunch and a much needed nap, Megan, Christina and I headed to the cemetery to visit my parents. Upon Jen's request, I brought Johnnie Walker Black for dad and Tequila for mom! It was the only way to properly honor them ;-) Had a wonderful visit with them and was grateful for the company of amazing friends.

After we returned, we had yet another amazing dinner! This time we were joined by Megan's two lovely daughters, Amira and Shea! Uncle Bill grilled tenderloin wrapped in bacon...almost enough to make me want to stop being a vegetarian! Aunt Loretta sure knows how to make cooking look easy! Every meal she made was delicious! 

What a beautiful smile!!!

Colleen got Shea to give her a massage after her long run and bike ride!  

This girls has boundless energy! 

During the trip, I was introduced to the great game Banana-Grams!!!  So much fun! After dinner, we all sat down to play a few rounds!

On Sunday morning, Colleen woke me up bright and early for a lovely 5-mile run. It was beautiful out and I was thrilled to see that the Easter Bunny (aka Christina) had visited while I was out!  

All dressed up for church!

After our run, we cleaned up and headed to church. Afterwards, we returned to have a delicious brunch and spend our last few hours together. 

I'm pretty sure Amira is beating her dad here! 

The Lavelle women hard at work!

Colleen, super tired after slaving away in the kitchen all morning...

Ajax, looking quite dashing on Easter morning!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, my dad's best friend. My dad's brother. Uncle Bill. Quite possibly the most generous and loving man that I know. It was so wonderful to see you all!

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  1. Great recap! Wish I could have joined you. They are such a wonderful family!