Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking for Motivation

Ever had one of those workouts where you leave thinking "I could have run further, I should have done more push-ups, I could have definitely done more core work"? Well, today was one of those days. But then I remember that 57% of Americans exercise only occasionally or not at all (yes, I found that on the Internet, lol). So, even if I maybe slacked a little bit today, it's ok.

BUT....that being said, I wanted to find out what motivates YOU to give it your all in the gym? Is it that feeling of peace you get? Is it to fit into a pair of jeans? Feel free to vote in the poll!!!


  1. it's my desire to eat ice cream and french fries.

  2. what's funny about my post is that the "verification" word was actually SHAMMU...way too close to that whale's name. is getting too smart.

  3. If I work out... I can eat more. Right? That's motivation alone.

  4. Not looking fat. Which all boils down to eating cookies and chocolate and pizza...