Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Customer Service

Every once in a while, I stumble across a business that actually CARES about their customers. I like to make sure that I highlight those businesses so other people are aware of it too!

Back in November I signed up for the Desert Spring Triathlon in California, which happens to be exactly when the USMC saw fit to send me all the way to the East Coast (VA Beach) for a 10-week course. Thinking that I'd most likely lost my money, I decided to at least make an attempt to get a refund. I e-mailed the race director, Greg Klein, and explained the situation. Within MINUTES, I had a reply in my inbox saying that they could either refund my entry fee or defer it until 2012. Unfortunately, I won't be around to do the race in 2012, so I did have to ask for the refund. And today, just as promised, my check arrived in the mail from Klein|Clark Sports LLC!

So I wanted to say THANK YOU to Greg Klein and Brenda Clark for running a company that cares. If I ever have an opportunity to run one of your races, I promise I will! So many races refuse to refund money regardless of the circumstances!

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