Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things that Scare Me

As a Marine, it's not really in my nature to admit that things scare me.  But, in a quest to face my fears head-on (that's the best way, right?), I figured I'd list them out here and see what yours are.

1) Failure...I'm pretty sure this scares most people out there.  And it's a healthy fear, in my opinion, because it drives us to success.  When the fear of failure prevents me from actually STARTING something, that is when I have let my fear get the best of me.

2) Things that are in the ocean - I strongly dislike not being able to see through the water and I am completely freaked out by anything that brushes against my leg when I'm in the ocean.  The good news is, that the further out you swim, the less things you run into!

3) Oversleeping - I'm not sure if this is something that came about because of the military and early mornings, but I am very afraid of oversleeping for some training event that starts at 0300 (or whenever).  So much so, that the last time I had to be up for a hike at 0330, I set three alarms.  If Sean is home, then I also ask him to set HIS alarm just in case mine decides to turn on me in the night and not go off!

4) Writing - this may seem like an odd one.  But just hear me out...right now I am enrolled in a masters class in Humanities.  My final paper is 20-25 pages and is on the book "On War" by Clausewitz.  While I have fully developed my thesis statement and done the research on what secondary sources to use, I am afraid to start writing.  I don't want to get 10-pages in, just to have to restart.  Maybe this is more procrastination than fear of writing...who knows?

5) Sean - now that he's a CrossFit ninja, he's pretty intimidating!!!

What are you afraid of?


  1. Before I answer your question, let me first address fear #3. Dear Readers of "Adventures of the Loch Ness," my dear sister Jessica was actually born with this fear. I really started noticing it in 3rd grade when she made my parents take us to school 30 minutes early "just in case!" Yup, she's a loony bird.

    Now, what am I afraid of? Really gross looking insects...the kind with more than enough legs for an army of insects. I refuse to touch them, unless it's with a well-aimed shoe thrown across the room. Getting fat. Yes, I'm vain. And finally, losing more loved ones. We're too small of a family already since Mom & Dad are gone. Definitely want to keep everyone else around for a LONG LONG time!

  2. I am right there with you on the ocean deal. I can not stand when things touch my feet. I have a strong dislike for bugs of any kind. I also have a fear of tornados.