Sunday, April 10, 2011


On Saturday, April 9th, in the heart of the Spring Mountains, just to the southwest of Las Vegas, NV, Jessica took on the task of running her first 100 mile ultra-marathon.
It would be her first long distance race since completing the Marine Corps Marathon in 2005, and her first ultra since running a 50 miler in 2003.
Headphones in and camelback strapped to her back, she began her pursuit at 0700 (PST) in 30 degree weather. Her goal was to accomplish 4 laps out-and-back along the course's 11 mile stretch plus a short 6 mile out-and-back to cover the remaining 12.
She covered the first 6 miles in 90 minutes and just before noon she completed her first 22 mile loop. Battling 4,000 feet of altitude, a sudden snow storm and frigid winds, Jessica muscled through with a smile on her face and completed her second loop just before 6 PM.
As the sun set and the stars arrived, Jessica continued to march northward toward the midpoint of her 3rd lap. Hitting the half-way point of 50 miles just after 7:30 PM she pushed through the darkness and reached the turnaround at 9 PM. Unfortunately, by this point the cold weather and distance had taken it's toll. Although she was disappointed, instead of pushing forward and risking injury, Jessica decided to call it a day after 55 miles and 14 hours of running. Although she didn't complete the 100 miles, she did break her personal best by 5 miles. Not a bad day.

To put things in perspective, here are some interesting facts about her 55 mile accomplishment.
- Most people are happy to run a marathon. Jessica ran two 14 hours...and then ran an extra 2.6 miles.
- NASA consider outer space to begin at 50 miles above the Earth and award Astronaut wings to those who fly above it. (See what happens to you when you try to run to outer space --------------->)
- She ran the equivalent of almost 807 football fields.
- She was 11 miles shy of covering the distance between Columbia, MD and Warrenton, VA.
- Plus she didn't get lost or eaten by any wild animals. Great job!

Additionally, Jessica raised almost $1000 for Fisher House.

Congratulations Jessica on running 55 MILES!!! It was amazing and a lot of fun. Special thanks to West Coast Lisa for her support and being an excellent member of the crew as well. Thanks to everyone who follow on Twitter and checked-in with us throughout the day.
Way to go Jessica!!!