Sunday, November 14, 2010

California Girl...

Today I had a completely "California Girl" day. This morning I biked from Carlsbad down to Encinitas for a yoga class. It was a class at Yoga Swami. This place is great! It's a cute little spot, right off of Pacific Coast Highway and you actually do yoga in a tent/building called a "yurt". It's free, but they do request donations if you can afford it.

After that, Leonie and I went to the Leucadia/Encinitas Farmers' Market, where I picked up some green beans, carrots and celery. Later today, Nessie and I walked down to Ralph's (the grocery store) and picked up some extra stuff that I needed to make lunch for the week.

Weather was perfect all day! I love this place!


  1. Sounds like California is really treating you well. I'm so happy for you. I think you had a perfect day!

  2. If I haven't mentioned this already...I'm TOTALLY JEALOUS! Glad you're enjoying yourself.

  3. I love your sister and now I'm gonna follow you!! :)

  4. It would be even more "california girl" if you hopped on your surfboard for an early morning ride before your yoga class and then put the board on your bike! I love how you are acclimating yourself to SoCal.

  5. Agreed! Now I guess I'd better learn how to surf!