Friday, July 9, 2010

Turning over a new and "Greener" Leaf

As we start our new adventures in California, we are going to embark on a journey to live a little bit greener. If there's any place to do it, this is the place. We tried to come up with some simple changes we could make in our day-to-day lives that would help conserve some of our planet's very valuable resources:
Here's our list (feel free to submit other suggestions!):
1) Turn off lights when we leave the room and unplug appliances and charging devices not currently in use.

2) Create a compost for leftover food waste.

3) Showers will last no longer than five minutes.

4) Replace all traditional light bulbs with the new energy-efficient light bulbs.

5) Recycle - and try to find products that minimize packaging and use recycled material in their packaging.

6) Always use re-useable shopping bags. If we don't have any bags, we don't buy anything.

7) Buy local produce (we're hoping to find a CSA we can join!).

8) Limit the use of heat and A/C - this should be easy since it's always 75 degrees here!

9) Know what we have in stock so that we don't buy unnecessary items that we already have and are just hidden away. This means getting organized!

10) Shop every few days, instead of for the entire week - less waste.

We figure small changes are best to start out with, and I just read a great book about this, "Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style". I've also started adding links to the blog that promote "green living".


  1. Microfiber towels (i found mine at tjmaxx - 8 for $4.99) are great for dusting and they are reuseable, instead of using cleaner wipes.

    Reuseable sandwich and snack bags. Loads of options on

    Glass storage containers instead of plastic ones. Much less toxic. We are slowly switching over in our house.

    Baking soda and vingear for cleaning.

  2. Thanks Lyns! Great ideas. I'll have to look up the baking soda/vinegar cleaning recipe!

  3. dried corn cobs instead of toilet paper...hey, it's legit. i saw it in a movie.

  4. We will start doing that just as soon as we see you do it.