Friday, July 9, 2010

Creatures and Foliage of SoCal

We have encountered new and interesting plants and creatures here in Southern California. The first thing we noticed was the number of snails here! They were all over the bushes, which may have been because it rained the first two days we were here.

We have also been to two different places that had blowfish in their fish tanks! We tried to make one of them angry to see if he would puff up, but no dice.
There are so many colorful plants here too. It's absolutely beautiful to drive through some of these back roads as we look for a house. We may be missing out on some of the seasonal changes that we are accustomed to, but we have been introduced to some beautiful, and interesting plants!

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  1. How beautiful & different. Climate is perfect for all types of gardens....I may have to move out there!