Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 9: The Long Road to Missouri

I woke up on the final day of my journey and new that I had a LONG drive ahead of me.  I wasn't expecting much, so I was super excited when I saw signs for "Prairie Dog Town"...who wouldn't be?  I'm a sucker for signs on the side of the road that draw passersby to tourist traps.  I always feel that if I do not stop, I could be missing something totally amazing!  So about 2 hours into my drive, I decided it would be worth it to pull over to check it out.  This was both one of the coolest and saddest things I've ever seen.  It was a sorry excuse for a zoo and the animals were very poorly treated, but it had some neat things and there really were prairie dogs all over.  If you are saddened by animals in not continue to look at the pictures.  I'll try to put only the non-sad ones up.

The pigs looked like they were having some fun!

Yup, every good zoo has a raccoon!

I'm pretty sure this cow was having heat stroke...

These next two are sad, but not really.  These cows each have an extra leg growing out of their backs!  The reason I don't see it as being sad is that I think if they were on a normal farm, they would have been killed at birth.  

And now for the stars of the show!!!  These guys are super cute!

That was pretty much the highlight of Day 10...the rest was just a long drive up and down the rolling hills of Kansas.  As soon as I arrived I drove to see my new apartment building and the community and then found a hotel to crash in.  

Overall it was an absolutely amazing PCS trip.  I learned some key lessons, which I'll post tomorrow.  I only wish I'd taken 30 days of leave vice 10, but I can do that next year when it's time to move yet again!

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