Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sidewinder 10k

Last weekend, Sean and I headed down to run in the second race of the Dirt Devil Racing Series, the Sidewinder 10k.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the course was great.  These are all trail runs and there are some pretty amazing runners out there.

Sean looking strong on the trails!  
Ignore the words across the picture...I'm too cheap to pay for it, so I just did screen captures :-)
Finisher photos!  Does anyone else get a burst of energy when the end is in sight?

The next race is the Stairway 15k and will be 14 August.  The total series is completing a 5k, 10k, 15k, and half marathon.  The group that coordinates the races is great and they do a fantastic job of making the courses challenging and fun!


  1. Great job guys. I always have a burst of engery when I can see the finish line. Sounds like a really fun race series.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I get a burst of energy when I see the photographer at the end and then I do my best to pretend I'm not dying:)