Friday, August 26, 2011

The Art of Writing

Over the years and the explosion of new technology (internet, cell phones, texting, e-mail, etc), the art of writing is dying.  Luckily, I have some proof that at one time it was the truest, best form of communication.  I have a copy of a few of the letters that my dad wrote to my mom when they were still dating.  Keeping in mind that English was my father's second language, I present to you a few letters (completely unedited) sent by my dad to my mom:

December 21, 1972
My dearest one,
        Thank you for the call from Washington D.C. last night. I was very worried about you and was very unhappy because I couldn't be with you there to give any comfort to my dearest one. After you were on the plane (UA 736), I was staring the big metal bird without knowing where you sat, and suddenly I became breathless for a while because of loneliness and unhappiness due to our separation, and big tear drops were coming down from my small eyes and were unable to control. I could bet (10 to 1) I would flood the airport if I didn't stop crying. But I cried time after time on the way home. I miss you very much, more than anyone can possibly imagine. From the minute you left my arms, I felt this emptiness in my heart which never happen before in my thirty-two years, and I know you are the only person in the whole-wide-world able to refill my empty hearth with joy and happiness because you LOVES me and I LOVES you.  I have just talked with your sister Janet. She told me that it is the greatest thing for us to going to be married, I hope everyone feels that way for us.  Jacquie, I love you and I miss you. I told you already several times why I haven't married to anyone. Since I came to the U.S. I have set certain goals and rules and standards in my life. I told myself that I would marry if and only if I achieve certain things: (1) I will not before I finish my educational goal, (2) I will not unless I have regain my health to perfectly normal, (3) I will not until I am financially stable and am able to take care of my family (you knew already these). Then I said to myself that I would marry a woman who must be strong (mentally & physically), and you are; who must be intelligent and smart, and you are; who must be trustworthy, and you are; who must be lovable, and you certainly are; who must possess charming personality, and you do; who must know how to search for happy life for future, and you know how;...many more...finally and most important consideration - who must be the only person to whom I can depend on rest of my life, from whom I can learn joy of living together, with whom I can find happiness in life, into whom I am the only man in her heart rest of her life, and you have already given me some, promised some, and I know you are the only woman who can give me more as years go by. When I went with you to the Rubenstein Concert (our first date) one month after I asked you for a date, my ESP worked wild, and I knew you are the woman. That is why I asked you to marry me. I know there are many possible problems, one is getting your parents blessing. They may not accept me, because of several reasons (health, race, religion, etc). Even though I love you very, very much, and I want to marry you, without your parents blessing I will not marry you. Because if I marry you without their blessing, your parents and you will be unhappy from the date you and I are looking for our future happiness, then the life around us becomes unhappy and I do not want that. I hope, hope your parents would give us the blessing we want so I can marry you and you and I can find our happiness for rest of our life together. I love you, Jacquie. I love you more and more as days go by. Even though I am having the most miserable and unhappy hours and days of my life, I love you, and I hope you have good time with your family. I will write you again and will cal you.

Take care of yourself and say "Hello" to your family for me.

Love, Jai

December 23, 1972
My dearest Jacquie,
        I just called you, but you were not at home, and your brother answered phone and said, "She isn't here, bye-."  Then he hung up the phone before I could ask where did you go.  I feel tired, very tired. I am tired, because I have waited your letter all day and I haven't got, and you were not home to answer me. I know you are busy shopping, etc. I though of you all day long and I thought and dreamed how happy I would be if you were beside me and loving me. I miss you more and more as days go by slowly. Only three days has gone, but it was like three long years. I miss you, I miss you, Jacquie, please hurry back to me.

      What a lovely voice you have!  What a sweet sound it was!  I could sit by you listening your voice forever as sound coming from somewhere I have never been and I always want to go. I love you, I love your voice, I love your face, I love everything of you. After you called me, I went to bed right away, so I could see you in my dreams.

6 a.m. December 24, 1972

Good morning, Jacquie,
      Did you have good-night-sleep? I dreamed of you all night long, mostly I was talking with you, your lovely face and two below which I love very much (yeah, pretty sure this is an X-rated reference...). I got up six this morning and hoped, but....I am going to Van Demark's for Christmas Eve dinner tonight. I hope I will be back before your call. You know, it makes me happy to think that you love me and I will talk tonight. I love you, I love you more and more as seconds tick away. Do you know how much I love you? I love you so much that my love to you will not stop even Mt. Everest moves and Mississippi river flows its direction. As I told you last night, I didn't have good time at Krafts. After one drink I felt very lonesome even though there were over thirty people, and after second drink, I knew I shouldn't be there without you. So I came home and cried for a while to calm down myself.
     I love you, I miss you.
     Take care of yourself,

                                                    Yours forever,

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  1. I love these letters! Sometimes I go back and read them and think fondly of how much they loved one another. Thanks for sharing!