Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nessie Sighting!

The Legendary Monster is Spotted!!!
Photo journalist Jessica snapped a few photos of the beast surfacing amongst some ducks in the pond across the street. Nessie loves the water almost as much as her tennis ball. Combine the two and it's game on.

Nessie was chasing after her ball when all of a sudden she spotted water and as always felt obligated to go for a swim. Surprisingly the ducks didn't seem to mind and even cheered her on.

Excellent! Now everyone is heading in the right direction.

Who knew ducks and retriever could play together. Some theories floating around include:

a. Ducks sense Retriever's love for water. Sharing that same love, they accept Retriever into their Duck club.

b. Animated animal movies are true! They are actually already friends and get together everyday, talk and have adventures when the humans aren't home.

c. Ducks outnumber Retriever 5-to-1.


  1. I vote for (c). The ducks would have kicked Nessie's cute little butt.

  2. I always knew that the Nessie Monster was alive & well, but just living in California!