Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Loch Nessie

This is Nessie's namesake...and for all you doubters out there, yes the Loch Ness monster is real.

As promised yesterday, I broke out the external harddrive to find some pictures of Nessie when she was just a puppy - and boy was she cute!

She was a small terror for a while and as expected used those vicious little puppy teeth to get herself into some trouble. But it was all worth it and she's a wonderful,
energetic dog.

The picture of Nessie with Sean is actually on the day we picked her up, he was on duty. Nessie and I ventured to Ft. Meade so she could meet her dad! Not sure whether she's excited about moving to California or not, but she's gotta go either way. She will be spending a month with her grandparents and their FIVE dogs!

Nessie has a younger sister, Grayson - a small gray cat that we adopted. When we first got Grayson, Nessie was almost a year old and was pretty sure that Grayson would want to play together all the time....not so much. They get along pretty well though, and I think that Grayson misses Nessie when she's away at day camp. (I'll find some pictures of her later. You know how it is, you never take as many pictures of the second child!)

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